HIV & Hep C Services

AccessHealth offers an integrated healthcare program for persons living with HIV, as well as those wishing to prevent transmission.

The integration of primary care and social services allows our providers to offer a whole-person approach to prevention and

treatment. You have access to all of our primary care services and a host of support services.

HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services are available in our Richmond and Missouri City Health Centers.  

Medical Care

HIV Specialty Care

Our physicians and nurse practitioners are trained in providing primary care services for patients living with HIV. You and your provider will work out a treatment plan for the best possible medical care for you individually.

Hepatitis C Treatment

AccessHealth’s providers treat patients with chronic hepatitis C. Our pharmacy staff can help facilitate obtaining medications from the drug companies by applying to their patient assistance programs. All of our sites provide hepatitis screening. Treatment is currently offered at our Brookshire location.

HIV Preventative Care

Concerned you may be at risk of getting HIV? One pill daily can prevent transmission—even for a one time scare if you get treatment within 72 hours of potential exposure. Ask us about PrEP and PEP.

Support Services

Our Case Managers coordinate care within the clinic as well as with community resources. Offering assistance with medical costs, medication, and referrals for housing assistance, etc. All with the goal of getting you to an undetectable viral load. Removing barriers increases access to care. 

Click here for more information about behavioral health.

Once a month we host an informative talk about topics important to those living with HIV or those wishing to prevent transmission. These confidential gatherings serve as a place of support and a forum for addressing your concerns.

We see the best results when you take care of the whole you. Our healthcare staff will assist you in coming up with strategies for taking medications as prescribed, eating right, exercising, and emotional health.

No insurance? We’ll assist you with enrolling in the right insurance plan for you. For those who are unable to enroll, we’ll assist you with enrolling in a drug assistance program that covers all or the majority of your medication costs.

Find a health center or a provider near you and make an appointment today.

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