ELEVATE Substance Use Disorder Program

AccessHealth’s SBIRT and MAT services treat anyone battling with a substance use disorders.  Elevate’s team of addiction professionals work closely with primary care providers and behavioral health therapists to educate patients on how to handle triggers, cravings, withdrawals, medical, emotional and other behavioral disturbances.

Elevate’s innovative treatment system of care is comprised of multiple substance use disorder service components to include:

SBIRT (screening, brief intervention and referral for treatment) – prevention education and harm reduction strategies designed to help patients reduce use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, to improve health outcomes, to reduce accidents/injuries; as well as prevent chronic diseases.

MAT (medication assisted treatment) is an evidenced-based “whole-patient” approach for treating substance use disorders by combining counseling interventions (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention and the Disease Concept) and FDA-approved medications.

Smoking Cessation Curriculum: American Lung Associations Freedom from Smoking.  Classes are facilitated by licensed addiction professionals and are available in English and Spanish.  Participants can join monthly Zoom sessions 60 minutes for 8 months; or schedule 30 minute individual sessions for 8 consecutive weeks.  

Connect Peer-to-Peer Network is a support group comprised of non-clinical peers who are in active recovery that can relate to what you are going through.  A major benefit of using Connect Peer-to-Peer network is to gain a sense of community and a safe place to share concerns within an understanding environment.  Participants will also learn strategies on how to maintain sobriety, tips to improve everyday life stressors, and problem-solving techniques.  A licensed addictions professional is available to provide linkage to community resources and referral to specialized treatment options.  Participants can join in on bi-weekly Zoom meetings.   

AccessHealth’s Elevate substance use disorder services are available at our Richmond, Missouri City and Brookshire community health centers.  Services are offered in English and Spanish to individuals 18 years and older. 

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