Waller County Testing

COVID-19 Testing in Waller County

The entire testing process takes a few minutes from start to finish. Testing at this site is at no cost to the public. $51.37 is the full price for the PCR COVID test if you are tested at the clinic. Most insurances cover the cost and discounts may apply for others. Maintain social distancing, keep washing your hands and please wear a mask when you come to the testing site.

Click Here to schedule testing online or call 281-238-2397. A representative will contact you after you complete the information with your scheduled time, testing location and testing site access code. Please allow between 1-2 business days for a representative to get in touch with you.

Upcoming COVID-19 Testing Dates:

Brookshire Convention Center – 4029 5th Street, Brookshire, TX 77423

  • Friday, March 19
  • Saturday, March 20
  • Monday, March 22
  • Wednesday, March 24
  • Friday, March 26
  • Saturday, March 27
  • Monday, March 29
  • Wednesday, March 31

Appointments available from 9 AM – 2 PM

After Testing Information

Test Results

Please allow 8-10 business days before contacting us for your results. You may receive your results securely via email from covidadmin@myaccesshealth.org when we have received and processed your result from LabCorp. Additionally, you can create an account with LabCorp by visiting https://patient.labcorp.com to check your results online.

Click Here for LabCorp Patient Portal Instructions

Click Here to Sign in or Create a Patient Portal with LabCorp

Reading Your Test Results and Next Steps: 
  • If POSITIVE, your LabCorp results will display as ‘Detected Abnormal’ and it is imperative that you isolate for a period of 15 days from your tested date to avoid spreading the virus to others. Additionally, we advise that if possible, anyone living in your immediate household also self-isolate for 15 days from your tested date. To discontinue isolation, contact your healthcare provider or schedule a telehealth visit with an AccessHealth provider. Please call 281-342-4530 or visit www.myaccesshealth.org for more information.

  • If NEGATIVE, your LabCorp results will display as ‘Not Detected’ which means you have not contracted the COVID-19 virus as of your tested date. Although you may have not contracted the virus, it is still the protocol to observe the regulations set forth by your local officials. 
If you have tested negative for the COVID-19 virus and are experiencing cold-like symptoms, please contact your primary care physician or AccessHealth can schedule an appointment with you via telehealth or in person.

After Testing Instructions

This document includes recommendations of what you should do about work, protecting yourself, etc. while you wait for your results.

Click Here for Information and Instructions for After Testing

Schedule a Medical Appointment 

AccessHealth is open seeing adults and children for in person and telehealth appointments. 

Click Here for a list of AccessHealth Services

To schedule an appointment call: 281-342-4530 

If you have any feedback or general questions, please email covidinfo@myaccesshealth.org

If you have questions regarding your test results, please email testresults@myaccesshealth.org